**If you have additional questions about a club, please email the sponsor listed. To see the latest updates on the status of JHS clubs, click here.

High School Clubs

Name of Club School Sponsor Email Address
Academic Decathlon Sue Cline scline@johnston.k12.ia.us
ACE (Architecture and Civil Engineering) Rhys South rhys.south@johnston.k12.ia.us
Album Club Tim Brickley tbrickley@johnston.k12.ia.us
Art Club Katie Black katie.black@johnston.k12.ia.us
Band-Instrumental Music Activities Jason Heeren, Stephen Keller jason.heeren@johnston.k12.ia.us, stephen.kellar@johnston.k12.ia.us
Best Buddies Sarah Love, Christine Wolford sarah.love@johnston.k12.ia.us, christine.wolford@johnston.k12.ia.us
Book Club Ruth Thoreson rthoreson@johnston.k12.ia.us
Business Club/DECA Tim Brickley tbrickley@johnston.k12.ia.us
Chess Jesse Dowell jesse.dowell@johnston.k12.ia.us
Community of Racial Equity Club (CORE) Melissa Dale, Parris Robinson melissa.dale@johnston.k12.ia.us, parris.robinson@johnston.k12.ia.us
Debate Jeremy Fitzpatrick jeremy.fitzpatrick@johnston.k12.ia.us
Drama Club Jeremy Fitzpatrick jeremy.fitzpatrick@johnston.k12.ia.us
F.C.A. (Fellowship for Christian Athletes) Dan Mennen daniel.mennen@johnston.k12.ia.us
FCCLA (Family, Career, Community Leaders of America) Laura Bertroche laura.bertroche@johnston.k12.ia.us
First Tech Challenge (FTC) Binu Abraham binu.abraham@johnston.k12.ia.us
Game Club Ed Walker ewalker@johnston.k12.ia.us
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Ed Walker, Sue Baker ewalker@johnston.k12.ia.us, sbaker@johnston.k12.ia.us
History Day Sue Cline scline@johnston.k12.ia.us
HOSA – CTSO Career Technical Student Organization Lisa Horsch lhorsch@johnston.k12.ia.us;
HyperStream Tim Walljasper tim.walljasper@johnston.k12.ia.us
Jr./Sr. Board Tom Griffin thomas.griffin@johnston.k12.ia.us
(Kiwanis) Key Club Ruth Thoreson rthoreson@johnston.k12.ia.us
Knowledge Bowl Sue Cline scline@johnston.k12.ia.us
March for Our Lives Sue Cline scline@johnston.k12.ia.us
Math Club Patrick Silvey patrick.silvey@johnston.k12.ia.us
Mock Trial Molly McConnell & Sue Cline molly.mcconnell@johnston.k12.ia.us & scline@johnston.k12.ia.us
NHS (National Honor Society) Kristy Miller & Jenny Palmer kristi.miller@johnston.k12.ia.us & jennifer.palmer@johnston.k12.ia.us
Open Source Rhys South rhys.south@johnston.k12.ia.us
Photography Club Katie Black katie.black@johnston.k12.ia.us
Prom Amanda Rynning amanda.rynning@johnston.k12.ia.us
Red Cross Julia Emley Julia.emley@johnston.k12.ia.us
Science Club Sara Howe & Kyla Burns sara.howe@johnston.k12.ia.us & kburns@johnston.k12.ia.us
Science Olympiad Lisa Horsch lhorsch@johnston.k12.ia.us
Silver Cord Rachel Jensen rachel.jensen@johnston.k12.ia.us
Sisters 4 Success Sarah Love, Parris Robinson sarah.love@johnston.k12.ia.us, parris.robinson@johnston.k12.ia.us
Speech (Individual) Jeremy Fitzpatrick Jeremy.fitzpatrick@johnston.k12.ia.us
Speech (Large Group) Tyler Stough Tyler.stough@johnston.k12.ia.us
Student Ambassadors Sam Shoop Samantha.shoop@johnston.k12.ia.us
Student Council Rachel Jensen & Kari Gray rachel.jensen@johnston.k12.ia.us & kari.gray@johnston.k12.ia.us
Students 4 Change Jenny Palmer jennifer.palmer@johnston.k12.ia.us
TSA (Technology Student Association) Rhys South rhys.south@johnston.k12.ia.us
Vocal Music Activities Hannah Ryan, Laura Grimm Hannah.ryan@johnston.k12.ia.us, Laura.grimm@johnston.k12.ia.us