**If you have additional questions about a club, please email the sponsor listed.

Johnston Middle School Clubs

Name of JMS Club School Sponsor Email Address
Anime Brooke Croat brook.croat@johnston.k12.ia.us
Art Club Shanise Brockshus shanise.brockshus@johnston.k12.ia.us
Best Buddies Brandon Pleasant brandon.pleasant@johnston.k12.ia.us
Brothers to Brothers TBD TBD
Cheerleading (winter try-outs) Alec Craigmile alec.craigmile@johnston.k12.ia.us
Chess Club Jesse Dowell jesse.dowell@johnston.k12.ia.us
Cooking Club Kathy Comstock Kathy.Comstock@johnston.k12.ia.us
Culture Club Daphne Petersen Daphne.Petersen@johnston.k12.ia.us
Dungeons & Dragons DnD Chris Hewitt Chris.hewitt@johnston.k12.ia.us
FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes Dan Mennen daniel.mennen@johnston.k12.ia.us
GSA Kayla Lunn & Abbey Moomaw kayla.lunn@johnston.k12.ia.us abbey.moomaw@johnston.k12.ia.us
History Day Molly McConnell molly.mcconnell@johnston.k12.ia.us
March For Our Lives Sue Cline scline@johnston.k12.ia.us
ISTEP (Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention) Scott Moore scott.moore@johnston.k12.ia.us
Math Counts Brooke Croat brook.croat@johnston.k12.ia.us
Mock Trial Molly McConnell molly.mcconnell@johnston.k12.ia.us
Robotics Jared Martinsen jared.martinsen@johnston.k12.ia.us
Science Olympiad Brandon Kleve bkleve@johnston.k12.ia.us
Sewing Club Kelly Ridenour kelly.ridenour@johnston.k12.ia.us
Sisters for Success Julie Totten jtotten@heartlandaea.org
Speech & Debate Club Jeremy Fitzpatrick jeremy.fitzpatrick@johnston.k12.ia.us
Step Club Stephanie Sheridan stephanie.sheridan@johnston.k12.ia.us
Student Council Kelsi Anderson & Kathy Comstock kelsi.anderson@johnston.k12.ia.us kathy.comstock@johnston.k12.ia.us
TSA-Technology Student Association Joe Huebbe joe.huebbe@johnston.k12.ia.us