Addressing Community Resources & Needs

The JCE Resource Council meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Education Center. The group serves in an advisory capacity to the Community Education department. To become involved, call 515-278-0552.

Bill Carlson, At-Large

Karen Carroll, At-Large

Judy Anderson, Johnston Lions
Kayla Badtram, JCE Staff
Matt Brown, Johnston City Council
Bill Carlson, At-Large
Andrea Cook, Johnston Partnership
Andrea Hardy, Camp Dodge
Zach Grandon, Johnston Police Department
Lois Kiester, At-Large
Eric Melton, Johnston Public Library
Nate Osmundson, Johnston Parks & Recreation

Scott Kruthoff, JCE Director
Jim Sanders, City of Johnston Administrator
Ms. Laura Kacer, Interim Superintendent