Learning Via Tap-Touch-Swipe

005Johnston Community School District is in it’s seventh year with digital learning environments (DLE). Johnston High School began their 1:1 in 2012, Johnston Middle School (8-9) came on board in 2015, and Summit Middle School in 2016.  Elementary schools are also part of the DLE Initiative — 4th and 5th grade classrooms are 1:1 and Kindergarten through 3rd grade are 2:1.  In addition, there are other sets of iPads that can be utilized by students.

From English to biology, the tap-touch-swipe method of learning propels Johnston students to the forefront of 21st Century skills. “The biggest learning benefit I see is that I always have access to some form of communication and some source of information that I need to complete my assignments.” (JHS student)

As we move into our sixth year of the initiative, the district technology team continues to make adjustments to the implementation plan that involves structured process areas, such as curriculum and instruction goals, hardware, software and app acquisitions, professional development, Policy & Procedure Review (student Internet Policy, digital citizenship, student responsibilities, filtering, …), and program evaluation and adjustments.

What does a DLE look like in elementary classrooms?

Digital Learning Environment-elementary classrooms are equipped with mobile devices that create a 2:1 ratio with students.  The access to devices create opportunities of resources/apps that enhance the content learning, allow for students to create projects, communicate through classroom blogs, and engage learners with digital learning.    Computer labs, workstations, laptop carts, and iPad carts are also available as options at the elementary level.

Questions regarding the Digital Learning Environment 1:1 may be directed to the school principal.