Digital Learning Resources

The Johnston Community School District is committed to providing digital learning resources to teachers and students that support engaging instruction and academic learning, as well as to develop and reinforce the critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication and collaboration skills needed for life-long learners.

In order to use the most current digital resources to match as closely as possible to the approved district curriculum and student learning needs, district personnel will review resources. Staff will provide developmentally appropriate guidance to students as they make use of digital resources to conduct research and to support district curriculum.

Our District curriculum resources utilize a variety of online tools, services, and applications. Although these tools/services/applications are widely used by the education community and support use in PK-12 schools, their Terms of Service and Privacy Policies state that schools obtain explicit parental permission to use them.

Under federal law entitled the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), these tools must provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. For more information on COPPA, please visit:

The law permits schools to consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of all of its students strictly for educational purposes, thereby eliminating the need for individual parental consent given directly to the tool/service/application operator/developer.  Personal information is limited to just what is necessary to use the tool. A limited selection of these digital resources also requires parental notification for students 13 and older.

Please understand that as Johnston Community School District continues with integrated technology as part of your student’s education, the need for such information and permission is necessary to utilize various digital resources as part of the classroom instruction and learning.

Digital Learning Resource List

The following is a list of digital resources that require COPPA compliance and parental permission. These resources require some form of permission based on the operators’/developers’ Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, or Terms of Use.

In our 2:1 and 1:1 Digital Learning Environments (with iPads), there are apps that do not require login information.  A list of apps is available upon request.

The list is updated as new tools are reviewed and approved.