Safe Navigation of the InternetTech Responsible Use

Digital communications and other new technologies shift the ways that information and media may be accessed, communicated, and transferred by members of society. Digital resources and tools are an integral part of instruction and student learning. The Johnston Community School District supports access by students and staff to rich information resources along with the development of appropriate skills to analyze and evaluate such reference.

The district will comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act through the implementation of a Children’s Internet Protection Act compliant web filter. The filter is a technology protection measure that provides blocks to internet sites that are deemed inappropriate in content, graphic, message or intent (i.e. sites that are obscene, child pornography or harmful to minors). Although the filter is continuously updated, it is not a guaranteed security from all inappropriate sites.

All students will be informed of their digital citizenship responsibilities and their rights and responsibilities as users of the district’s network/technology resources, prior to gaining access to the network, either as an individual user or as a member of a class or group (see Responsible User Agreement, Policy 502.10). While students may be able to move beyond selected resources to ones that have not been evaluated by staff, they shall be provided with guidelines and lists of resources particularly suited to the learning objectives. Students may pursue electronic research independent of staff supervision only if they have not been denied parental permission. Electronic network orientation and skill building lessons will be offered to students by staff. Ultimately, parents and guardians are responsible for conveying the guidelines and ethics that their students should follow when using digital media, technology and information resources.

Questions can be directed to your child’s building principal.

Please read and share the Responsible Use Agreement with your child(ren).  These policies are also included in the Parent/Student Handbooks.

605.6 Internet Appropriate Use Student Technology Responsible Use – Policy

605.6R Internet Appropriate Use Student Technology Responsible Use- Regulation