How Technology Supports the District

Tech Strategic PlanThe district’s Technology Strategic Plan guides technology use in the Johnston Community School District. The plan calls for technology to support the district functional results, content area standards and long range student achievement goals. Components of the plan are a mission, goals, objectives, Tech Cadre members and roles, building action plans, student standards and benchmarks and staff technology skills.

Part of the Johnston Community School District’s responsibility in preparing students for the 21st century is providing students access to research tools that they will use in the future. Access to the district electronic networks and the internet is defined by the Technology Strategic Plan, based on the JCSD School Board Policy 606.5 Internet Appropriate Use (Technology Responsible Use) and 605.6R1 Internet Appropriate Use Regulations (Technology Responsible Use).

This policy states that all students will be permitted internet access unless the minor student’s parent or guardian makes a written request denying access. While our intent is to make internet access available to further educational goals and objectives, students may access other materials as well. We believe that the benefits to students using the information resources on the internet exceed any disadvantages. Ultimately, parents and guardians of minors are responsible for conveying the guidelines that their students should follow when using electronic media and information sources.