Changes to Horizon Elementary and Summit Middle School Transportation Services

Families living to the west of 100th Street and south of 62nd Ave and within the 1 mile walking boundary of Horizon and/or Summit will begin walking to school for the 2018-19 school. A crossing guard stationed at 100th and Windsor will be available during school arrival/dismissal times to assist them with safe passage across 100th and Windsor Pkwy.

This change come as part of an evaluation of the district’s transportation services, as we continually look to make efficient adjustments that still allow children to get to school safely while limiting the budgetary impact of school-provided transportation. Transportation costs come from the general fund which is also the funding source for teachers and classroom programming. With the improvements made to the walking areas within Horizon and Summit, we feel the 2018-19 school year is a good time to enact these changes.

For Horizon and Summit students living in this new walkable zone, they will see their transportation information/eligibility changed on their 2018-19 Infinite Campus “Transportation” tab (viewable mid-summer). There are also options for paid ridership; you can learn more on our website.