crossing guard stock photo illustrationQuestions – and Answers – Regarding 2018-19 Transportation Changes

Q: Do we have crossing guards in other locations around the school district?
A:  Crossing guards are located on the north side of Summit and Horizon (on Windsor Parkway) and both the north and east side Timber Ridge to assist students who walk/bike to school.

Q:  When are crossing guards present?
A:  Crossing guards are present both before and after school during arrival and dismissal time.

Q: What do crossing guards do?
A:   Our crossing guards are trained by law enforcement officials to property monitor traffic and secure safe passage across the street. They are equipped with a whistle and stop sign.

Q: What is a hazard designation?
A: An area within the no transportation zone that creates an unsafe situation for students to walk or bike to school.

Q: Are there other hazard areas that may eventually being re-evaluated?
A:  Yes, the City of Johnston is working to improve the walkability in many areas of the community. An example of an on-going project would be the sidewalk installation project happening near the Lawson neighborhood. This is slated to be completed in 2020.