Keeping the Community Informed

At the May 17 Board of Education meeting, the school board agreed that due to changing COVID-19 notification and masking guidance, the district would no longer keep track of the number of reporting positive cases and quarantined staff and students.

On May 20, the Johnston Community School District responded to a newly-signed law that prohibits school districts from requiring facial coverings to be worn, unless otherwise required by law to do so. Masks are now 100% optional for all staff and students in our schools buildings and on the school bus.

Health Metrics

The district uses the health metrics established by the Iowa Department of Public Health to monitor county-wide positivity rates. They also provide a county-by-county percentage positive analysis for all public school districts in Iowa. The IDPH site we use to determine classroom, building, and grade Return To Learn model(s) can be accessed here:

The Johnston School Board uses a similar metric system to evaluate the status of our classrooms, buildings, and district as it pertains to keeping schools open or moving them online.

View the JCSD Return To Learn Metrics here

CDC Quarantine Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control has released updated guidance on quarantine times for persons exposed to COVID. As a reminder, if you are living with a COVID-positive person and cannot isolate, your quarantine time is 14+10 days (total of 24 days). When in doubt, please consult with your medical provider or Polk Co. Health for clarification.

CDC Updated Quarantine Guidance (English)

CDC Updated Quarantine Guidance in Spanish

School Nurse Protocol for COVID-19 Symptoms

As part of their efforts to keep buildings healthy, please be aware that school nurses may send a student(s) home for 10 days based on recommendations from the Iowa Dept. of Public Health and Polk Co. Health. The Iowa Dept. of Public Health and Polk Co. Health Department recommend that any person with one high-risk or two low-risk symptoms stay home and contact their medical provider for an evaluation.

One High Risk Symptoms Two Low Risk Symptoms
New cough Fever
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing Headache
New loss of taste or smell Muscle or body aches
Sore throat
Runny nose

If your child should test positive for COVID 19, please notify your student’s principal or school nurse right away. Your school nurse or school official will provide information on when you can return back to school. For questions, you are directed to contact your health care provider or Polk County Health at 515-286-3798.