The One and Only Ivan

On April 3, Horizon Elementary students were introduced to Ivan, the main character in our whole school reading experience of the book “The One and Only Ivan.” An all-school assembly was held to kick-off our first all-community reading event. Each family at Horizon will receive a copy of the award-winning novel by Katherine Applegate. Each evening, a text selection will be assigned for your family to read. The next day, a trivia question will be shared during morning announcements for students to discuss.

Our first Horizon Reads event is supported by the Mills Family, whose daughter Kathryn attended kindergarten at Horizon. Kathyrn passed away in an accident the summer after her kindergarten year. She would have graduated in 2016.

All staff members will also receive a copy of the book, as they will be reading along with their families as well.

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla

Read by Johnston Mayor Paula Dierenfeld.

Audio Readings by Horizon Staff

The following are audio versions of each reading selection for “The One and Only Ivan,” available on the Horizon Elementary YouTube Learning Channel.

Day One (p. 0-10) Day Eleven (p. 148-165)
Day Two (p. 11-26) Day Twelve (p. 166-179)
Day Three (p. 27-42) Day Thirteen (p. 180-196)
Day Four (p. 43-59) Day Fourteen (p. 197-213)
Day Five (p. 60-74) Day Fifteen (p. 214-225)
Day Six (p. 75-89) Day Sixteen (p. 226-240)
Day Seven (p. 90-105) Day Seventeen (p. 241-255)
Day Eight (p. 106-120) Day Eighteen (p. 256-269)
Day Nine (p. 121-134) Day Nineteen (p. 270-283)
Day Ten (p. 135-147) Day Twenty (p. 284-300)