Beep, Beep! JHS Parking lot and south side entrance

Johnston High School offers hundreds of parking spots for students and require a school-authorized parking tag for its lots. This page is intended to guide parents and students through the parking tag application process.

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The Application Process

  • All students will need to fill out the electronic form (link below). It is important to list as accurate information as possible.
  • Students may only fill out the application once.
  • Students must fill out the electronic application before the given deadline. Applications are time-stamped!
  • Applications not filled out on time will be put on a wait list. There are a limited number of parking spaces available.
  • No money is due during the application process.
  • Fill out the form here. 

The Approval Process

  • After review, students will receive a confirmation email to their JDragon mail from Kristin Stromer, JHS administrative assistant.
  • The confirmation email will contain the dates parking tags will be available to purchase from the Accounting Office.

The Purchasing Process

  • ALL fines and fees (including next year school’s registration) must be paid in FULL prior to purchasing a parking tag.
  • Some fines and fees can be paid online through Revtrack.
  • Parking tags must be purchased at JHS’s Accounting Office.
  • Please enter through Door #2 for the Accounting Office.
  • Parking tags are $20.00.
  • Cash or check are accepted methods of payment.


Kristin Stromer staff photo
Johnston High School