Summit Middle School After School OpportunitiesMiddle school female demonstrates her STEM project.

Our Aim

  • Provide a safe environment with no cost to join.
  • Promote your child’s interest and growth.
  • Make really cool stuff through innovative engagement in STEM opportunities.
  • Work alongside professionals passionate about STEM fields.
  • Connect projects to IT and STEM related careers available Iowa.

HyperStreamTechnology Club ( After School to 5:00pm; November – April)

HyperStream fosters real-world interaction and project-based learning through hands-on projects (Multimedia, Robotics, and Video Game Design) competitions, and engaging presentations – all with technology professional mentoring.  Program Website:

Drama: Spring Play (After School to 5:00pm; January – March)

Each year Summit students produce a student play. More than 100 students are involved in acting on stage, as well as promoting and staging this activity.

Student Leaders (Before School Fridays August – May)

Seventh grade students in this organization plan socials, give student tours, sponsor service projects, and promote positive activities at Summit.  Students apply for this opportunity at the end of their 6th grade year.

Climate Committee (During School August – May)

Each year Summit students are encouraged to join the climate committee.  This group explores opportunities to establish a positive climate in our building.  Contact our guidance counselors at Summit for information regarding this club.

Club Day (During School on non early out Wednesdays)

On the six Wednesdays that are not early out days, Summit students participate in over 45 Clubs that are sponsored by Summit Staff.  These clubs begin at 1:40 PM and dismiss at the end of the school day. Clubs include Dragon TV, cake decorating, fitness club, yoga, music club, tech club, and many others.