When the Cold Winds Blow

Image of a snowman outside on a snowy day.If the Johnston Community School District  has a late start, preschool programs will start at the same time as elementary schools. If school is delayed late enough, morning preschool programs may be cancelled. If school dismisses early, staff will attempt to notify parents by phone and advise that children be picked up as soon as possible. If school is dismissed during the break between morning and afternoon preschool programs, afternoon sessions will be canceled. If school is completely closed, preschool classes will not be held.

Once a decision is made to close or alter the school day, all of our students’ families will receive an automated phone message and email via the Blackboard Connect messaging system. A notification will also be sent via the mobile application, posted on social media, and posted on the district website. School closing information will also be available via any of the local television stations – Channels 5, 8, and 13, the Des Moines Register website, and radio stations WHO 1040, KISS 107.5, and KXNO 1460. This message will be sent as soon as possible following a decision.