Governing Documents for the District

One of the responsibilities of the Board of Education is to create and adopt policies which serve as the rules, regulations, and procedures governing the operations of the school district. A policy must go through a process of being vetted by the Board’s policy committee, then sent to a legal team for review before being read and voted on at a board meeting. During the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years, the Board undertook an ongoing process to review and update, as necessary, all policies to align with the Iowa Association of School Boards.

Board policies are created to cover a wide variety of instances and circumstances that may occur within the school district, with school personnel, students, and/or the community. Here are the policies governing the Johnston Community School District. If a policy you wish to read is not listed – as they are undergoing some updates – please contact Lynn Meadows, Board Secretary, at 515-278-0470.

Series 100: Educational Philosophy

Series 200: Board of Directors

Series 300: Administration

Series 400: Staff Personnel

Series 500: Students

Series 600: Educational Program

Series 700: Non-Instructional Operations and Business Services

Series 800: Buildings and Sites

Series 900: School District-Community Relations