Serving Our Community

On behalf of the seven-member Johnston Board of Education, welcome! We are glad to see your interest in the activities of the Johnston Community School District and we welcome you to our school board meetings. A primary focus of the Board of Education  is to create an academically challenging and healthy environment for the children attending Johnston Schools.

Board 2023An official meeting is the only means by which we, as a board, can carry out our legal duties or exercise our legal powers. These meetings provide an opportunity for creative and constructive decision-making and offer an opportunity for the public and school district staff to establish a formal dialogue with us.

Why We Are Here

The Iowa constitution requires the Legislature to provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools. In response to this constitutional mandate, local school districts, governed by boards of education, have been established.

The school board has complete and final control over local school matters within limits set by laws and regulations.

Our Board of Education is a policy-making body whose decisions are carried out by district administrators. The board functions as a whole, and its authority lies within the will of its majority. No board member has the power to act independently.

Johnston has a seven-member board who are elected to rotating four-year terms by district voters. Elections are held every two years on the second Tuesday in November. Board members receive no pay for their services.


Board Meeting Agendas View past and upcoming board and committee meeting dates, times, and agendas.
Board Meetings and Procedures Information regarding board meeting schedules, procedures, and how to request to present at meetings.
Board Members Information about current board members.
Board Operating Principles Statement on the principles by which the school board agrees to operate.
Committees Descriptions and members of board subcommittees.
Petitioning the Board Information regarding how to petition the school board.
Policies Board policies regarding the Johnston Community School District.
Public Records Request Form to submit a public records request.