Character Counts! In Our Schools

Character counts pillars of success

Students are introduced to the Character Counts! Pillars of Character and encouraged to demonstrate these traits in all they do.

Trustworthiness: Be Honest | Keep Promises | Follow through with what you’ll say you’ll do | Make wise choices | Move responsibility from place to place | Stand by your family, friends, and country.

Respect: Respect yourself and your surroundings | Treat others as you want to be treated | Respect others’ right to learn | Respect others’ diversity | Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements | Show good sportsmanship

Responsibility: Meet obligations | Take care of materials | Exhibit self-control | Do your personal best | Be accepting of your task

Fairness: Share | Take turns | Play by the rules

Caring: Help others in need | Be considerate | Show genuine concern for others | Do acts of kindness

Citizenship: Obey rules and laws | Work cooperatively/teamwork | Be a positive role model | Actively do your part | Respect authority