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Supporting Those Who Serve

In the Johnston Community School District, we work to support students of military families.  Schools can provide stability and a normal routine for children whose parents are deployed or are transferred between installations. The stresses that may result from family separation or moving to a new community may interfere with the ability of students to focus on learning. Here you will find resources for military students and their families to connect to programs and after-school activities provided in our community and by the U.S. military.

School Resources

Within each of our eight schools, we have trained counselors available to work with students and families. We encourage military families to communicate with their child’s school counselor regarding changes and adjustments that may be needed to accommodate for a parent’s military service.

Beaver Creek Elementary

Hillary Barta Smith staff photo
Hillary Barta Smith
Beaver Creek Elementary

Horizon Elementary

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Horizon Elementary

Lawson Elementary

Catherine Edmondson staff photo
Catherine Edmondson
Lawson Elementary

Timber Ridge Elementary

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Timber Ridge Elementary

Wallace Elementary

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Wallace Elementary

Summit Middle School (Grades 6-7)

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Summit Middle School
Lauren Gallo Heston staff photo
Summit Middle School

Johnston Middle School (Grades 8-9)

Abbey Moomaw staff photo
Johnston Middle School
Kayla Lunn staff photo
Johnston Middle School

Johnston High School (Grades 10-12)

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Johnston High School
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Johnston High School
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Johnston High School
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Community Resources

Family Readiness Group

  • Offers support for family members of deployed personnel through connecting counseling offices to families
  • Works directly with the command level of the military and DOD
  • Contact: Samantha.j.baumhover.ctr@mail.mil | PH: 515-252-4758

The Child & Youth Program

  • Offers out-of-school time programs and events to build life skills, address risky behaviors, enhance resilience, develop positive coping strategies for school-age dependents ages 6 to 18 years.
  • Art, Recreation & Leisure
  • Sports, Fitness & Health
  • Life Skills, Citizenship, Character Development & Leadership
  • Academic Support, Career Development, Mentoring & Intervention
  • Contact: christopher.j.cox18.ctr@mail.mil and mark.l.lukasiewicz.ctr@mail.mil | PH: 515-727-3064

MilitaryOne Source

  • Is a program offered through DOD and FRG
  • Is a broad-based resource focused on Family and Community readiness. Services are available 24 hours a day at the website or by phone. MOS services are free, private and confidential.
  • Service members and dependents/spouses are briefed on this resource throughout the deployment process (before, during, after)
  • Military OneSource provides referrals for counseling, as well as telephonic and online counseling services for Service members and Families overseas.
  • Document translation and simultaneous interpretation services are also available.
  • Service members and Families can receive financial counseling face to face, over the phone, or online.

Children and Youth Program Brochure
Iowa National Guard Child and Youth Program Resources


Join us each year as we PURPLE UP during the month of April to support our nation’s military children! Purple symbolizes all branches of the military – including their colors: Coast Guard blue, Army green, Navy blue, Marine red, and Air Force blue. We believe that when a military member serves, their whole family serves, too and that includes the littlest heroes – military kids.