School Day Security

All Johnston Community School District school buildings are secured buildings. After all students have arrived, the exterior doors will be locked throughout the day. There are exceptions at each building whereby visitors are to enter during the school day.

Each school has a camera to screen visitors before entering the school. All visitors are asked to check in with the front office before entering classrooms.

Visitors at Schools

The Raptor Visitor Management Software program has been installed at all schools to increase the safety of the district’s students, staff and visitors by establishing a consistent and uniform visitor sign-in process. Raptor has two main functions – to issue a dated visitor sign-in badge complete with a photo and to screen for sex offenders, as they are not allowed to be on or near school grounds.

Effective the first day of school, all visitors (including parents and volunteers) should report to the main office to sign/check-in. Please provide the office staff with a valid state-issued ID (driver’s license). The bar code on the driver’s license will be scanned and run through the Raptor system for a possible match on the sex offenders list. All visitors will then be issued a date-sensitive visitor badge containing their identification information that must be worn while on school grounds. Minors that do not have a valid state-issued ID will be allowed to visit, as long as they are accompanied by an adult that has checked in with our procedures.

Once a visitor has registered within our electronic sign-in procedure, they will not need to provide an ID for each visit. However, they will still need to check-in at the office to receive a visitor badge containing your personal information. All visitors will be required to check-out through the main office when you leave the school.