Welcome to Summit Middle School!

Summit proudly serves more than 1,110 sixth and seventh grade students enrolled in our school.

Summit opened in 2004 and is the only 6-7 grade school in the district. It also houses the district’s only pool. Summit is a state-of-the-art learning facility designed for middle school students. The building is divided into six learning communities that allow our staff to give students an individualized experience focused on academic achievement and student well being. In 2016, Summit also became a 1:1 iPad school. This initiative places an iPad in the hands of each student to enhance learning opportunities, create equity in access to technology, and increase collaborative experiences between students. In 2018, Summit was one of three Johnston schools named an Apple Distinguished School for their 1:1 program.

Kaniesha Pettaway is the principal at Summit. She, along with 86 teachers and staff members, are committed to students and work hard to ensure every student makes academic and social-emotional growth during the school year. A wide variety of clubs, socials, fine arts, and athletic opportunities complement our focus on academics. The school also has two full time guidance counselors, a full time teacher librarian, and a full time nurse..

Summit students have variety in their learning choices and are encouraged to try different related arts and STEM classes. The Extended Learning Program (ELP) serves our students requiring academic enrichment. There are reading support personnel to assist our students with reading/literacy skills, and different special education programs are available for students who present unique learning needs.

We welcome you to visit our school! All visitors to the building will be directed to the front office to gain access to the rest of the school. Please call our office (515-986-0318) to arrange a visit.

Photo of a Summit Middle School classroom, student working on a computer