Dear Wallace Families,

Students dropped off and picked up from the carline with grown ups staying in their vehicles.

We will again be using a number system per vehicle at the end of the day for Vehicle Pick Up (VPU) and grown ups will stay in their vehicles.  Thank you for signing up for your vehicle number at this time if you plan on using VPU after school on at least a once a month basis.  Please use the link here to sign up:


Families may begin dropping students off at 8:25. When arriving please pull all the way forward to the vehicle drop off sign outside of the yellow K/1 wing. It is important that the first arrivals pull all the way up to prevent traffic from waiting up on 62nd. Students need to be ready to exit the car immediately in order to keep the flow of traffic moving. In preparation for exiting the car students must have their belongings and their backpacks ready.

Once students exit the car there will be TWO doors for students to enter. K/1 students will be entering directly into their K/1 community space, door #3. Our 2nd-5th grade students will be entering the building through the front entrance, door #1.  K/1 students may wait for their vehicle to get to door #3.  All other grade levels of students should exit where their car pulls up in the queue.  A quick walk to the front door is good for all before a day of learning!!  When you are in the drop off zone students need to exit as soon as possible.


AFTER 3:20 due to JELA (preschool) dismissal times, vehicles will queue up along the car lane curb. Please pull all the way forward to the vehicle pick up sign outside of the yellow K/1 wing. Place your school number card up on the dash by the passenger side window. An adult will radio in for your child(ren) to come out of the school through using door #3 for K/1, and door #1 for 2/3/4/5. Once your car is loaded please pull out and exit the line. All vehicles need to continue pulling forward during the student pick-up process.  PLEASE USE THE SCHOOL ASSIGNED NUMBER CARDS ALL YEAR FOR VISIBILITY AND AS A SAFETY SIGNAL THAT THE VEHCILE IS AUTHORIZED TO PICK UP A WALLACE STUDENT.  Families will be issued 2 cards (storing above the car visor is a common place to keep the cards).  Families who need an additional card for another authorized regular transporter may call the office for an additional number.

AM/PM Reminders: 

  • Parents will not be allowed to park in the parking lot and walk children across the car lane. We need all grown-

ups to be in their vehicles and queued up along the curb for child drop off and pick up.

  • Parents will remain in vehicles. Students will exit and enter CURBSIDE for safety.
  • Numbers are for PM only. Please use SCHOOL ISSUED number cards.
  • See route directions below for overflow traffic onto NW 62nd There are no left turns into Wallace off NW 62nd when the carline extends into the street.

In Consultation with Johnston Police Department: AM and PM Street Route Direction Reminders

  1. Queue up along the north side of NW 62nd Avenue when the line extends past the Wallace Driveway.
  2. Use NW 59th Court to wait in the line that will eventually turn right onto NW 62nd Avenue.
  3. To Access NW 59th Court, use NW 63rd Place off Merle Hay Road to access NW 59th Court to face south in

the line.

Let’s show kindness and grace to each other this school year, Wallace Dragon Nation!  See you soon in the carline!!!