Welcome to Johnston High School!

JHS proudly serves 1,700 tenth through twelfth grade students enrolled in our school.

The original Johnston High School was built in 1974 and had multiple additions on to the original building. It is the only 10-12 grade school in the district. In 2012, JHS became a 1:1 iPad school, where each student has their own iPad device for new and exciting learning possibilities. It was one of the first large high schools in the state to move to a 1:1 digital learning environment.

In June 2017, Johnston High School relocated to the west side of the city and opened the doors to a state-of-the-art learning facility. The new high school features an increased capacity for up to 1,800 students. Classrooms and common spaces are designed to be collaborative and shared between teachers and students.

Ryan Woods is the principal at Johnston High School. He, along with 125 teachers and staff members, are committed to students and work hard to ensure every student makes growth during the school year. The school has five full time school counselors, a full time teacher librarian, and a full time nurse.

JHS students have variety in their learning choices and are encouraged to try different related arts, STEM, and school-to-work courses. The Extended Learning Program (ELP) serves our students requiring academic enrichment. There are reading support personnel to assist our students with reading/literacy skills, and different special education programs are available for students who present unique learning needs.

We welcome you to visit our school! All visitors to the building will be directed to the front office to gain access to the rest of the school. Please call our office (515-278-0449) to arrange a visit.

Exterior photo of the Johnston high School main entrance at dusk.