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This is not a conclusive list, however, it can be used to estimate the time it takes to initiate appointments and the types of payment the organizations will accept. If an adolescent is in crisis, suicidal, or having suicide ideation, please call 911 or take them to an emergency department for immediate medical evaluation.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Website
A 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service available to anyone in suicidal crisis. You will be routed to the closest possible crisis center in your area. With more than 130 crisis centers across the country, their mission is to provide immediate assistance to anyone seeking mental health services. Call for yourself, or someone you care about. Your call is free and confidential. From immediate suicidal crisis to information about mental health, crisis centers in our network are equipped to take a wide range of calls. Some of the reasons to call are listed below.

  • Call to speak with someone who cares
  • Call if you feel you might be in danger of hurting yourself
  • Call to find referrals to mental health services in your area
  • Call to speak to a crisis worker about someone you’re concerned about

Employee & Family Resources: 244-6090 Website
Professional and culturally competent services are delivered through three dedicated branches of our organization: community services, substance abuse services and workplace services.

Counseling Center at Youth Homes Student and Employee Assistance Program:  515-587-1735 or email
The Counseling Center at Youth Homes employee and student assistance program is confidential and provides caring help for students experiencing personal and/or family problems. The program provides a choice of options in a private and relaxed atmosphere.

Behavioral Health Resources/Eyerly-Ball Community Mental Health Services: 243-5181
(For ages 17 and older). Psychiatrist on staff. Takes approximately two weeks to get the initial appointment. Client sees triage first for evaluation. Sliding fee scale available, they take most insurance plans including HAWK-I and Medicaid.

Broadlawns Medical Center – Mental Health Services: 282-5750
Counseling for teens. Take most insurance plans including HAWK-I and Medicaid. No, do not have a sliding scale for counseling, will have to request need for financial assistance. Initial appointment approximately one to two weeks (however, can be as early as one day, depending upon scheduling availability).

Catholic Charities: 244-3761
Family therapy. (Usually MWF am or T/TH pm). Licensed social workers. Takes about two weeks to get an appointment, depending upon time of day. Sliding fee scale only, no insurance accepted at this time.

Child Guidance Center/Orchard Place: 244-2267
Counseling for teens. Take most insurance plans, financial assistance available, one to four weeks for initial appointment. Call organization to inquire about availability of appointments.

Children & Families of Iowa: 288-1981
Counseling for teens. Takes about three weeks for initial appointment. Financial assistance – contact office manager. Most insurance plans accepted.

Counseling Center Iowa Lutheran Campus: 263-5184
Counseling for teens. Takes approximately one week for initial appointment. Currently are not taking any new Title 19 patients. Check with office for financial assistance or questions about insurance.

DSM Pastoral Counseling Center: 274-4006
Teen counselors are mostly licensed psychologists. Most insurance plans accepted, they take Title 19 and HAWKI. Have a sliding fee scale available. At this time, takes approximately five weeks for initial appointment.

Four Oaks of Iowa: 261-3719
Four Oaks Outpatient Behavioral Health Services provides outpatient individual, family and group psychotherapy to children and their families who are eligible for behavioral health services under Title 19. In addition to clinical psychotherapy provided at our site locations, families may be approved to receive in-home psychotherapy and out of home respite services (by licensed foster parents). It may take one to two weeks for initial assessment and then over a month to start counseling (depends upon current caseload).

Individual & Family Counseling Program (Bilingual, EFR): 299-4652
This is a referral number only. The service will refer to outside agencies for counseling. They can also assist individuals with other resources in which they need bilingual services. Service is focused on assisting the Latino population.

Young Women’s Resource Center: 244-4901
Free counseling for female teens only. Will have to contact Resource Center on an individual basis for time it takes to get initial appointment.

University of Iowa Child Psychiatric Clinic: 319-356-1188 (from menu use option #3)
They take most insurance including Title 19; no sliding fee scale is available, however you may check with the business office on a case by case basis for financial assistance. If an adolescent is having suicide ideation (ER is suggested first for a crisis or threat), yet if the parent feels they can keep the adolescent safe from harm. It could take up to 48 hours for an appointment. If the appointment is for ongoing counseling (and not a crisis), it may take two to three months to see a clinician. Have both inpatient and outpatient programs for adolescents up to 18 year of age or still attending high school if older than 18 years.

More Than Sad Website
More Than Sad is a program of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that provides education about factors that put youth at risk for suicide, in particular depression and other mental disorders. They have an excellent website with resources for teens and teachers.

Other helpful phone numbers and websites
Iowa Lutheran Access Center: 263-5249
Mercy Franklin: 271-6111
Iowa Health Counseling Centers: 241-2300
Polk County Crisis and Advocacy Services: 286-3600 – Teen Depression and Suicide Prevention