Below are links to the presentations and/or video recordings. A big thank you to our presenters for sharing their knowledge!

Raising Healthy Dragons – The How of Happiness: Strategies for increasing student well-being

Heartland AEA staff members Andrea Matheson and Kathy Lepage provide Johnston parents with an overview of practical strategies parents and families can use to increase well-being and build on their child’s strengths during these challenging times. Participants can access the How of Happiness Slides referred to in the presentation to access the resource links and Well Being Activities For Families for even more ideas on fostering happiness and resiliency at home.

Raising Healthy Dragons – May is Mental Health Month

Chris Wilson, the district’s student well-being coordinator who’s now the Director of SEBMH (Social-Emotional, Behavior, Mental Health) led this Raising Healthy Dragons session at the District Office in May 2022.

Raising Healthy Dragons