AC Dec Three-Peats as Regional Champs

After speeches, interviews, and exams over WWII economics, history, art, music, literature, science and mathematics, Johnston students won three of the top 10 team placements, 45 individual ribbons and 8 of the twelve overall medals. Johnston “Company A” won the Regional with an accumulated total of 32,822.7 points.  Johnston “Company B” placed third in the region, and Johnston “Company C,” without a complete team, placed tenth out of 14 teams.  The Johnston Academic Decathlon team is coached by Sue Cline. *All results submitted by Sue Cline*

Overall placements:

Honors Scholastic Varsity Alternates
Aditi Jithendra – 1st (repeat) Asiya Mohammad Bobby Bailey – 1st Lydia Stanley- 2nd
Afshan Chandani – 2nd (repeat) Xavier Leonard – 3rd Ceci Hodson- 3rd

Team Results:

* denotes a perfect score of 1000 points

Company A – 1st place in Regional

Honors Scholastic Varsity
Aditi Jithendra (11)-1st in Science, Art, Economics, and *Interview, 2nd in Music, 3rd in Social Science. Asiya Mohammad (12)-2nd in Art, 3rd in Math Bobby Bailey (12)-1st in Science, Art, Math and Economics, 2nd in Music and Social Science,  3rd in Speech and Lang and Lit
Afshan Chandani (12)-1st in Speech, 2nd in Art and Economics, 3rd in Science and Math Casey Hodson (10)-1st in Interview* Avery Swizdor (11)-
Andrew Ehler (12)-2nd in Social Science, 3rd in Lang and Lit Ciara Becker (12)-1st in Music, 2nd in Economics, 3rd in Speech David Ellison (12)-2nd in Science, 3rd in Art

Company B- 3rd place in Regional

Honors Scholastic Varsity
Kevin Dial (11)-2nd in Interview Alexis Pottebaum (12)-1st in Economics Jadyn Lovelady (12)-1st in Speech,  2nd in Music, 3rd in Lang and Lit
Triston Walsh (12)- Dheepak Nalluri (12)-3rd in Interview Xavier Leonard (12)-2nd in Science, 3rd in Art
Chris Yao (10)-1st in Math, 3rd in Economics Sarah Martin (11)-1st in Math

Company C – 10th place in Regional

Honors Scholastic Varsity
Will Gavin (11)- Kelly Nyaga (12)- Millie Brewer (12)-1st in Music, 2nd in Math
Prithvi Jamadagni (9)-2nd in Science and Speech Nick Irwin (11)-
Katelyn Kempkes (11)-

Company D – Alternates

  • Lydia Stanley – 2nd overall
  • Ceci Hodson – 3rd overall
  • Kennedy Ortmeier –  3rd in Music
  • Angela Cai
  • Marianne Aldrich
  • Anna Xiang
  • Lal Siama
  • Marie Johnson

Representing Johnston at the State Tournament March 3-4:

Honors Scholastic Varsity
Aditi Jithendra Asiya Mohammad  Bobby Bailey
Afshan Chandani Alexis Pottebaum Xavier Leonard
Kevin Dial Sarah Martin Avery Swizdor
Andrew Ehler (alternate) Ciara Becker (alternate) Jadyn Lovelady (alternate)