To Learn Is To Grow

Honeycomb — Teaching Focus AreasAs educators, teaching – and learning – is a natural, daily part of the profession. No matter what the role, be it classroom teacher, building administrator, custodial crew member, or coach, there is much value in the process of learning. As we learn, we grow in our trades and reflect that upon the students we interact with each and every day.

The Johnston Community School District places importance in dedicated time and resources to help our employees participate in opportunities to learn. From weekly early outs to dedicated professional learning days, along with support from instructional coaches and the TL team, employees need only to express interest to participate in focused learning.

Questions related to professional learning in Johnston can be directed to members of the Teaching & Learning department.

Jill Van Woerkom staff photo
Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
District Office
Erica Whittle staff photo
Secondary Teaching & Learning Coordinator
District Office
Michelle Crannell staff photo
Elementary Teaching & Learning Coordinator
District Office
Jyll Johnson Miner staff photo
Jyll Johnson Miner
Learning Coordinator Career and Technical Education and Related Arts
District Office