A Transitional Program for Little Learners

Developmental KindergartenThe Johnston Community School District offers a unique and well-regarded Developmental Kindergarten program. To be eligible for Developmental Kindergarten (DK), your child must be 5 years old on or before September 15 of the year they are enrolling.

Our DK program is designed for students who are of kindergarten age, but may need an extra year of development before they are ready for all-day kindergarten. This half-day program (morning or afternoon) focuses on building reading/literacy and mathematics skills, as well as cognitive and social development. Each day, the DK teachers help students prepare for their next year in all-day kindergarten.

DK is held at Lawson Elementary (5450 NW 62nd Ave). Please contact the Lawson office at 515-278-0478 if you have questions related to our Developmental Kindergarten program.

Registering for Developmental Kindergarten

Developmental Kindergarten registration follows the same process as our all-day kindergarten registration, which opens on Feb. 8, 2023.

When you register for Developmental Kindergarten, you will need to have:

  1. Proof of your legal address or residence (eg: utility bill, lease or mortgage with your name and address on it).
  2. Your child’s Birth Certificate or birth record from hospital in order to complete registration.
  3. Your child’s Immunization Record.

An official birth certificate (if born in Iowa) may be obtained from the following sources:

If born in Polk County, Iowa
Polk County Administration Building
County Recorder, Room 245
111 Court Ave.
Des Moines, IA  50309-2251
Phone: 286-3781 (Vital Records)
Regarding adoptions: Do not call the Polk County Courthouse, write or visit the Iowa Department of Public Health.

If born in Iowa, outside Polk County
Iowa Department of Public Health
Vital Records, 1st Floor
Lucas State Office Bldg.
321 E. 12th
Des Moines, IA  50319-0075
Phone: 281-4944 (for recorded information)
Mail requests take 30 working days; Personal appearance requests take two working days.

Iowa law requires that all students must be immunized against diptheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus (DPT), polio, rubeola, rubella (measles) before entering school. Three hepatitis B vaccinations are required if the student was born on or after July 1, 1994. At least two doses of Varicella vaccine are required if the student was born on or after September 15, 2003 (reliable history of Chickenpox is also accepted). There must be a physical completed after age 4. Contact your school nurse or physician if you have questions about immunization.

Review the State of Iowa immunization requirements.

Bus Transportation To and From Developmental Kindergarten

Morning DK: For students attending the morning session of DK, those living within the 1-­mile walk zone of their regularly-­‐zoned elementary school will be responsible for getting to that school where they will then take a district-­provided transfer bus to the designated DK site. All morning DK students will then be bussed home mid-­day via district-­provided transportation, regardless of their distance from the designated site.

Afternoon DK: For students attending the afternoon session of DK, they will be bussed from their home mid‐day via district-­provided transportation to the designated DK site, regardless of their proximity to the school. After school, DK students will be bussed directly to a designated bus stop in their neighborhood, regardless of their distance from the designated DK site. Those living within the 1‐mile walk zone of that school will then be responsible for getting home by being picked up or walking from the zoned school site.

Developmental Kindergarten Open Enrollment

If your developmental kindergartner is an open enrolled student, your child’s placement will be determined in late July or early August. Placement for open-enrolled students is based on class size and availability of space.