About Nutrition Services

The Nutrition Services Department offers nutritionally balanced, appetizing school meals to the students and staff of the Johnston Community School District. Meals are planned to follow high nutritional standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture. The Johnston Community School District is an equal opportunity provider.

End-of-the-year Lunch Account Balances

School lunch account balances remain in students’ accounts from year to year.

  • If a child transfers to another building, the lunch account balance will transfer with the child to the new building.
  • Graduating seniors’ lunch account balances will first go toward paying any outstanding fees, and then transferred to a sibling account or refunded to the parent.
  • For children not returning to the Johnston Community School District next year, please call the nutrition department at 515-278-0278 to request a lunch account balance refund.

Nutrition Services Personnel

LaRae Doll staff photo
Director of Nutrition & Food Services
District Office
Cheryl Spring staff photo
Nutrition Secretary
District Office
Lori Langos staff photo
Nutrition Secretary
District Office