Active Wellness Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Donate to Johnston Community School Foundation

(Submitted by the Johnston Community School Foundation)

Johnston, Iowa (January, 2017) – Active Wellness Chiropractic and Rehabilitation announced today that it has donated $1,260 to the Johnston Community School Foundation.  The donation comes from a program started last August where a portion of each Johnston Community School District employee or their family member’s office visit fees are donated to the Foundation.

The donation will be used to fund grants in all District buildings in support of the Foundation’s mission to raise funds to provide grants to Johnston’s educators to promote educational excellence.

 “In an effort to give back to the community of Johnston, the Foundation has provided the opportunity for us to give back on a much larger scale than just simply making small donations here and there.  Investing in the success of our communities’ educators and youth will help ensure Johnston continues to be a place for its residents to thrive.  For every appointment scheduled by a school district employee, Active Wellness will donate $10 to the Foundation” said Dr. Aaron Rector, one of the three doctor’s in the practice.

Josh Willis, Executive Director for the Foundation, said “The Foundation is excited to begin what we fully expect to be a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Active Wellness.  Doctors Aaron, Kurt and Gary have provided many hours of service to the Johnston community already and today they are expanding their leadership by supporting the Foundation and, more importantly, the educators and children in the Johnston Community School District through this innovative new program.”

About Active Wellness Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Active Wellness Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is a local clinic specializing in family and sports medicine.  A better approach to chiropractic performance therapy is now available. Our clinic uses scientific and research based methods to chiropractic rehabilitation therapy to get you moving again and feeling better.

If you are tired of being prescribed medicine for your back pain, only to have it flare up again once the medicine is gone, or being adjusted one, two, maybe even three times a week finding your symptoms not getting any better; give us a try. Our active techniques give you the control to treat and beat you pain.

Active Wellness is accepting new patients! We accept most insurances, and also have affordable plans in place for those without chiro benefits or high deductible.

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About the Johnston Community School Foundation

The Johnston Community School Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise funds to provide grants for our educators in support of our students and schools to promote educational excellence.  The Foundation Board of Directors is made up of local community leaders, parents, educators, and school administrators.

The Johnston Community School Foundation was founded in 1998 and supports academics, special needs and the arts in all of our schools, across all grade levels.

For more information on the Johnston Community School Foundation, visit their website at or call (515) 979-1333.