Johnston Wants Community Feedback on School Schedules

[January 5, 2017] – Beginning Thursday, Jan. 12, Johnston Community School District is inviting parent feedback about school schedules and start times as it Photo of a laptop computer with hands, demonstrating work being done.examines aspects of district operations.

“As our district continues to grow — with the new high school set to open next fall — we want to understand what school schedule would best impact our students’ academic and personal well-being, and meet the needs of our families and employees,” said Dr. Corey Lunn, superintendent of schools.

The survey is open to all parents, employees, and students in grades 4–12. Over winter break, families received a postcard notifying them of the survey.

When the survey launches on January 12, a personal invitation and survey link will be sent to all participants. Students will take the survey on the district-provided iPads the week of January 16.

The parent survey is available in both English and Spanish. Participants have until Thursday, Jan. 26, to share their feedback.

The district’s independent research partner, K12 Insight, is administering the survey and compiling the results. All responses are strictly confidential. K12 Insight’s final reports will share only the overall findings, not individual responses.

For more information about the survey, contact Laura Sprague, APR and Director of Communications, 515-278-0470.