School Enrollment Goes Online for 2017-18

This spring, parents and guardians won’t see the familiar school registration packet land in their mailbox. Instead, all existing families in the Johnston Community School District will be able to re-enroll their student(s) online.

“It’s an exciting advancement for both families and the district,” said JCSD enrollment specialist Liz Sullivan. “We’ve put a lot of time and testing into creating an online registration process that is easy and efficient.”

Starting in April, parents wishing to re-enroll their child(ren) in the district can log into their Infinite Campus parent portal and begin the process. Instead of filling out multiple forms for each child, parents will verify the current information on their child and approve it for the upcoming school year. This applies to all children who have been enrolled in the district, including the 4-year-old preschool and developmental kindergarten programs.

Changes to existing information can be made within the parent portal. If new information is needed – additional immunizations, for example – a link will be available to fill out a form, which is then submitted when the registration is completed.

Sullivan said the simple, all-online process eliminates the need for paper copies and mailed-in forms. Families who may not have access to a computer/internet connection are encouraged to come to any of the schools in the district and work from a kiosk station.

Building specific forms, such as parking registration or PTO paperwork, will be done at each building, per their specifications.

Once the registration application has been submitted and approved, parents will receive a link to Revtrak to pay students fees.

“We would encourage everyone to give this new online registration system a try,” Sullivan said.

For families new to the district, their registration process will look different because of the multiple forms (residency, proof of age, dental, vision, etc.) needed to create a new enrollment. It will be a process similar to the kindergarten registration, which opened up in January.

Online Registration FAQs

Where do I find my Infinite Campus parent portal login information?

On the district’s Infinite Campus page, there is a link for help with logins. Simply use this link and the information will be sent in a timely manner.

Will I have to fill out a lot of forms?

No, the information is pre-populated based on the current year. Parents will need to verify the information and make any necessary changes before submitting.

How will I pay the school fees?

Once your registration(s) have been confirmed and approved, you’ll receive a link to our RevTrak online payment system for fee payment.

I don’t have internet access. Can I still register online?

Yes! Please visit any of our schools or the district office (5608 Merle Hay Rd) and there will be a kiosk (and helpful people) to get your children re-enrolled in school.

I’m new to the district – how do I register?

Your registration process will look different than families who are re-enrolling. Contact our district enrollment specialist at 515-278-0470 for more information.