Book Fair and Read Across America Week at Summit

Submitted by Cindy Tuttle, Summit Teacher Librarian

The Summit Middle School PTO held a camping themed-book fair in the library February 27 through March 9. These weeks also encompassed the celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America week, where students were encouraged to learn about these topics.

Summit students did activity sheets, answered the Question of the Day, and took a guess for the candy jar contest. These contests kept the students busy and engaged to deepen their understanding of books in a fun and creative way.

“All these activities bring students to the library,” said Cindy Tuttle, Summit teacher librarian. “They love looking for new books at the book fair, as well as hearing their names over the intercom when they win prizes.”

Summit’s PTO sponsored many different events and challenges in the library, including the Penny War Contest, and Guess the Number of Book Pages in a Bundle. The seventh grade won the Penny War Contest and six students were allowed to silly string principal Joy Wiebers. All the proceeds from the Penny War Contest went to the Summit Library.

During this week, conferences at all Johnston Schools were taking place and the events, games, and books allowed for students, as well as parents, to take a break.
“It gave parents and students time to browse before or after conferences,” said parent and PTO Book Fair Co-chair coordinator Sarah Grady. “We also had high school students working to earn Silver Cord credits. It turned out very well and all the PTO profits went to a good cause.”