Johnston Rocks Regional History Day Competition

Johnston schools had a fantastic showing at the  Iowa History Day – regional competition. On April 8, 28 high school students, 35 JMS students and 21 Summit students descended upon Grandview University to showcase their historical research in the form of papers, documentaries, web sites, exhibits and performances.  After months of research and preparation, presentations on Saturday resulted in 21 high schoolers, and 19 (12 JMS, 7 SMS) middle schoolers advancing to State National History Day on May 8.  History Day coaches are Colleen Ites, Kathy Paul, and Sue Kline.  Congratulations to all who participated and to those who qualified! For individual results, look below the photo.

Photo of Johnston History Day participants

Thirty-eight students from Summit, JMS, and JHS competed in the Iowa History Day regional competition. Twenty-two will go on to the state comp in May.


Those advancing to state competition are marked with a (*) star.

Sr. Individual Exhibit:

*Amanda Roberts, Ella Baker’s role in Sit-ins

*Maddie Gregurek, 1928 Maytag Strike

Paige Berry,   Newsies  Strike

Jr. Individual Exhibit:

*Karshana Kalyanaraman, Emmeline Pankhurst, British Suffragette

*Ramayana Kazazic, Victoria Woodhall, Women’s Rights Advocate

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Candy Lightner, founder of MADD

Bailey Vaughan, Long-Standing Impact: Saving Lives Across Time

Sr. Group Exhibit:

*Meredith McDonald, Natalie Voss, Gwynna Miner, Isla Chowanec:  The Velvet Revolution

Jr. Group Exhibit;

* Lily Henderson & Maggie Miner, Rebelling Against Black Versus White: The King Melds Vinyl and Impacts Society

Eshaan Chandani & Jeffrey Zou, Standing Up for Nuclear Science: The Szilard Petition

Joe Speilbauer, Teja Jetty, Tarun Srikaran, The Berlin Wall

Kunal Singhal, Christopher Tu, Patrick Yu, Brian Zhang, Deng Xiaoping: Transforming Chinese Society for Free Trade

Sr. Historical Paper:

*Taylor Siebert:   The Peace Corps

Jr. Historical Paper:

*James Grimm, Nicholas Winton, Hero of the Holocaust

Rachel Winkler, Engel vs. Vitale, RIght to Prayer in Schools

Bria Cox, Niccolo Machiavelli

Anna Larson, William Wilberforce: Taking a Stand Against Slavery

Sr. Individual Performance:

*Allie Tubbs:  Fannie Lou Hamer

Jr. Individual Performance:

*Gabi Michalski, Battle of the Sexes: Billie Jean King’s Win for Women’s Rights

Dylan Coslin, Battle of the Alamo: Standing Against Mexican Forces

Mackenzie Lauridsen, Sojourner Truth: Rising Up for Women and Slaves

Sierra Dobson, Rising Sun Rising Up: Japan’s Perspective on Pearl Harbor

Jr. Group Performance:

*Camille Furer, Jill James, Megan O’Brien,  Eleanor Roosevelt

* Ellie Lashier, Elise Henrichsen, Jenna Woodsmall, Miranda: Standing Up For Rights of the Accused

Sr. Individual Website:

*Sarah Andreasen: Freedom Fighters

Jr. Individual Website:

* Gordon Hu, Charles Darwin

* Anita Dinakar, Transforming Society to See the Good: Anne Frank

Sam McDaniel, John Peter Zenger (competed at a different district)

Katie Sweet, I Am A Man

Esha Bolar,  Small Acts with a Large Impact: Rebelling Against the Third Reich

Zach Lear, Taking a Stand to End World War II: The Manhattan Project

Sr. Group Website:

* Obsee Abbajabal, Marianne Aldrich, Angela Cai, Lauren Fergus, Parul Srivastava:  The Alcatraz Occupation

* Shreya Shrestha, Joanne Wu:  Maya Lin and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Zach Abbey, Joe Arthur:  John Brown’s Raid

Jr. Group Website:  

*Julia Chen, Vivian Chen,  Theodore Hesburgh, Civil Rights Activist

Sr. Individual Documentary:

*Akshaya Kumar:  Leo Szilard, Atomic Bomb

Jr. Individual Documentary:


Sr. Group Documentary:

*Matthew Ding, Will Morlock:  Tinker v Des Moines

*Makenna Gregurek, Jackie Liang:  Edna Griffin, Civil Rights Activist

Joe Hoffman, Austin Ledesma, Karson Lee, Paxson Picken:  The Jack Trice movement

Jr. Group Documentary:

*Ryan Freidhoff, Kyle Lastine, Nathan Waters, Nikola Tesla