State TSA Conference “A Huge Success”

(Submitted by TSA advisor Joe Hubbe)

The Johnston Middle School Technology Student Association (TSA) traveled to Adventureland Inn in Altoona to compete at the annual state conference, April 10-11, 2017.  While at the conference, students competed in a range of technology-related events against their peers from across the state.  This year, the JMS TSA team took six members to the conference who placed first in seven events and third in two events. The conference was a huge success for the students and each member that competed came home with some hard-earned hardware.


Challenging Technology Issues 1st Place – Prithvi Jamadagni and Elizabeth Jones

Junior Solar Sprint 1st Place – Prithvi Jamadagni, Sneh Mistry, and Nathaniel Skinner

Prepared Speech 1st Place – Prithvi Jamadagni

Problem Solving 1st Place – Elizabeth Jones and Gordon Hu

Technology Bowl 1st Place – Sneh Mistry, Nathaniel Skinner, and Gordon Hu

Technical Design 1st Place – Kyle Goben and Sneh Mistry

Vex Robotics 1st Place – Sneh Mistry and Nathaniel Skinner

Flight Challenge 3rd Place – Sneh Mistry

Digital Photography 3rd Place – Elizabeth Jones

Photos of the JMS TSA team.

From Left to Right: Elizabeth Jones, Gordon Hu, Kyle Goben, Mr. Huebbe, Prithvi Jamadagni, Sneh Mistry, and Nathaniel Skinner