Amended 2017-18 Start Dates Approved by Board

At the May 22 board meeting, board members approved an amended 2017-18 academic calendar. For the next school year, students in grades K-7 will have their first day of school on Thursday, August 24. Students in grades 8-12 will have their first day on Friday, August 25.

Why the change?

JHS Principal Ryan Woods and JMS Principal Brent Riessen identified a training, called “Capturing Kids’ Hearts,” for all teachers, grades 8-12, that helps adults create meaningful and healthy relationships with children and youth. As the district continues its focus on student health and well-being, this two-day training will prove to be a valuable step in coaching staff on ways to create meaningful connections with students. This training is available August 23-24, and has been identified as the best possible time for staff to participate. This one-year date adjustment will be helpful to students and staff as they both transition into new buildings and will allow teachers to put into practice from day one the learnings from the trainings. A graduated approach to the school year may also improve transportation procedures.

Print off:

2017-18 Calendar without phone numbers (8.5×11)

2017-18 Calendar with phone numbers, poster size (11×17)