JMS Students Participate in NY Times Editorial Contest

It’s no secret that middle school-age students have strong opinions and ideas about life. The New York Times has challenged teens across America to put their thoughts to paper in the annual “Student Editorial Contest.” This year, 7,895 entries were received. In 450 words or less, students had to state their opinion on an issue relevant to their lives or society.

Two Johnston Middle School students – Gordon Hu and Ryan Freidoff – submitted editorials. Hu’s “It’s Time for an American Popular Vote” and Freidoff’s “Lower Student to Teacher Rations Equals Higher Test Scores” were both named third-round finalists in the contest. The NY Times picks 10 winners, 15 runners-up and 45 honorable mentions in the contest; there are 58 students who made the cut to the third round of judging. Congratulations to Gordon and Ryan!

Click here to read the complete story by the New York Times and view a list of winners, including their editorials.