Lisa Boge Honored With Student Mental Health Award

Johnston High School counselor Lisa Boge was recently honored with the Please Pass the Love award at the Iowa School Mental Health Conference, Oct. 17 in Des Moines. LISA BOGE

The conference brings together hundreds of teachers, administrators, support staff, counselors, psychologists, therapists, and parents from across the midwest for the only school mental health conference in Iowa. The day offers sessions relating to some of the most pertinent topics in school and student mental health and well-bring.

Boge has been with the district since 2007. In 2015, she became certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid and has gone on to train other teachers and counselors in the district on that curriculum. Her teaching of Youth Mental Health First Aid, along with being a role model for students, advocating for student mental health and well-being, mentoring counselors during internships, and providing all-around support services to students and staff were among the qualities for which she was nominated.

Please Pass the Love is committed to increasing school-based mental health supports to improve the quality of life and educational opportunities for children, families, and educators as well as offer culturally responsive comprehensive services and evidence-based supports to school systems. We strive to bridge positive relationships between the educational and mental health issues for our children and adolescents throughout the state of Iowa.

Congratulations to Ms. Boge for her outstanding support of student mental health in our community!