JHS Announces New “Training Table” Program

Training table logoThe JCSD Athletic-Activities Department, in conjunction with JCSD Student Support Services, are pleased to announce Johnston High School will begin participating in the Training Table Program aimed at helping to feed student athletes who do not always have easy access to food.

This program is a joint mission between the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) of Iowa and the Valley Community Center of West Des Moines. There are several high schools around the Des Moines Metro area who have participated since the program officially began on January 12, 2015. Over that time, the Training Table has donated approximately 11,300 items each month to area high schools.

Donated food from HyVee will be dropped off to JHS on Fridays.  The food will be discreetly available to student athletes on an as needed basis.  It is important to note the food will need to be consumed within 48 hours after delivery to JHS, therefore the food will only be available on Fridays at school and any extra can be sent home for consumption over the weekend.

If you feel your student athlete could benefit from participation in the Training Table Program, please contact Melanie Steffen, Student Outreach Facilitator, at 515-321-4802, Joe Nelson, Athletic Director, at 515-278-2407, or Josh Tobey, Assistant Athletic Director, at 515-278-0476.