FIRE Time Provides Opportunity for New Friendships

Johnston Middle School uses Frequent Intervention Remediation and Exploratory (FIRE) time to provide support to all students. FIRE time is on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday every week. FIRE rotates offerings every three weeks with a week of PRIDE (Positive, Respectful, Innovative, Determined, and Excellent) in between.

In one of the recent rotations, Brandon Pleasant, science teacher, created an exploratory science lab for special and general education students to work together. General education students were asked to assist the special education students during the lab.   

“I was very excited when this opportunity was presented to me. Having our general education students work with student peers was rewarding for all involved. It was fun to watch the relationships form between as the weeks went on. There are now students high-fiving in the hallways that before would have never stopped to talk to one another. I am not sure who got more out of this experience. It was more than I could have ever hoped,” expressed Brandon Pleasant.

“This such an amazing FIRE course because our special education students are experiencing activities that they wouldn’t have otherwise experienced, such as making slime, creating volcanoes that erupt, and working with peers their own age,” explained Nicole Benson, JMS Instructional Coach.

A special thank you to all the amazing staff who helped with this FIRE rotation. Everyone involved is all about providing opportunities for all of our students.