Health Update: Measles

Reminders for Families from the Iowa Department of Health

This past weekend, the Iowa Department of Health confirmed a case of measles in Iowa. This is the first case in our state since 2011 and is a good reminder to make sure that your family’s vaccines are up to date. The measles vaccine is highly effective (the patient with measles was not vaccinated) and all school-aged children should have two MMR doses by the time they start kindergarten.

If a case of measles is identified in one of our school buildings, public health officials will require all unvaccinated students and staff assigned to that school building to remain at home until 21 days after their last possible exposure to measles. This is a state health decision, and not one controlled by your school or the district. Please make sure your family is protected. Vaccines save lives.

For more information on measles, please visit the Iowa Department of Health’s website or or contact your local health department.

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