Staff Spotlight: Kayla Bousum

Portrait of a Learner Winner | Productivity & Accountability | Kayla Bousum

Kayla Bousum, JHS Business Teacher, was nominated by her peers as an educator who fulfills the Productivity & Accountability aspect of our Portrait of a Learner model. She received an award at the 2018-19 Staff Recognition Celebration for her work. Here is her nomination, as submitted by Lexi Shafer. Congratulations, Kayla!

How does this person demonstrate Productivity & Accountability in their work? Please use specific examples.

Kayla has gone above and beyond to continually improve and update our financial literacy curriculum at the high school. She is continually taking the initiative to find new innovative ways of teaching to reach all students. Her productivity is apparent in the way that she manages the increasing number of students, while still engaging students on a personal level. She demonstrates commitment through continually helping out the department in whatever way she can. Kayla is an integral part of the business department, and we would not be where we are today without her.

Kayla Bousum accepts the Producitivty and Accountability Award

Superintendent Laura Kacer honored JHS Business Teacher Kayla Bousum with the Portrait of a Learner Productivity & Accountability award.