Johnston Ac Dec Teams Shine at Regionals

(Submitted by Academic Decathlon coach Sue Cline)

Congratulations to the Johnston Academic Decathlon teams for a great performance at Regional competition on January 20 and 21! The three Johnston teams garnered a total of 29 ribbons and two of the overall top scores after competing in speech, interview, and seven different subject tests related to the theme of Wellness and Disease.  They will be competing at State Competition in Waterloo on March 6 and 7. The Academic Decathlon is coached by JHS teacher Sue Cline. Great job to everyone involved!

All competitors are listed below with their individual awards.  Students who qualified for the State team are noted with an *.

Team A:
*Adam Ehler (10) :  2nd in Speech, 2nd in Economics, 2nd in Social Science
*Morgan Dunn (11):  3rd in Math
*Owen Smith (12):  1st in Music, 1st in Literature, 1st in Interview, 3rd in Economics

Cole Meyers (12):  1st in Economics, 1st in Science, 2nd in Art, 2nd in Social Science
*Will Anderson (10): 3rd in Economics
*Fanuel Akakpo (10)

*Alex Heron  (10):  3rd in Literature
*Payton Blahut (11):  1st in Interview, 1st in Speech

Team B:
Elise Henrichsen (10): 2nd in Literature
Kristin To (10): 3rd in Social Science
Kidan Girma (10)

*Fabiola Casteneda (11):  2nd in Speech
*Sam Dolde (12):  2nd in Economics, 3rd in Interview, 3rd in Music, 3rd in Science

*Jacob Knox (12)
*Emma Renaud (12) : 1st in Literature, 3rd in Music, 3rd in Interview

Team C:
Phoebe Smith (10)
Sara Lastine (10): 1st in Social Science
*Matthew Ding (12):  1st in Economics, 1st in Math, and 1st Overall in Honors

Bea LaRota (10):  1st over all among alternates

201920 Johnston ACDec Team1 201920 JHS ACDec2