Board Approves Pay for All JCSD Employees Through April 10, 2020

The Johnston Board of Education met via conference call in a special meeting on Thursday, March 19 to discuss school closure and employee pay related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Board members first heard a report from Superintendent Kacer regarding the state’s decision to waive the hours/days requirement for school districts, meaning schools do not have to make up this time. With that local control, schools can set their last day of student instruction, which has not yet been determined at this time in Johnston.

There were two action items presented and approved by the board. The first was an approval of the Governor’s four-week recommendation for the school closure through April 10, 2020. The second was an approval for all Johnston employees (salaried, hourly, active long-term subs, and board-approved hires) to be paid per their regular rate of compensation through April 10, 2020.

The agenda can be viewed in full here:

An archived showing of the board meeting can be viewed on our live stream site:

Board approved