JCSD Students Named State Qualifiers for Iowa History Day in May

Congratulations to all Johnston students who participated in the Virtual Merle Hay District Contest for Iowa History Day. Students spent many months outside of school researching about topics that met the theme of “Breaking Barriers in History,” and then created an entry into the contest explaining how their chosen topic really addressed the concept of breaking barriers, and how it continues to impact our world today.

Summit Middle School, Johnston Middle School, and Johnston High School had several student entries who qualified for the Virtual State Contest, which will occur the week of May 4, 2020.  National Qualifiers will be announced on May 8, 2020 and will then prepare to participate in their Virtual National History Day Contest in June 2020.

Please congratulate the following Merle Hay Virtual District Contest Qualifiers for the 2020 Iowa History Day Virtual Contest:

Junior Group Documentary
Disabled but Not Labeled: Marca Bristo’s Work to End Disability Discrimination from Legislation to Living Rooms Abigail Good, Ahana Devadas (SMS)
Junior Individual Documentary
The Peanut Man: George Washington Carver’s Groundbreaking Discoveries Akshara Eswar (JMS)
Senior Group Documentary
Apollo XI: The Astronomical Feat that Landed a Lunar Legacy Ani Soni, Jeffrey Zou (JMS)
Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the Special Olympics: Racing For Equality of the Intellectually Disabled Eshaan Chandani, Anjali Kumar (JMS)
Senior Individual Documentary
Bill Russell: Blocking the Shots of Inequality on and off the Court Rohan Devadas (JMS)
Junior Group Exhibit
The power of two drops: how Sabin’s vaccine changed the way we think about vaccines Ella Prince, Zoe Zhang (SMS)
Junior Paper
Roe V. Wade: The First Fight for Women’s Reproductive Rights Lauren Wessling (JMS)
Senior Paper
Breaking the Sound Barrier: The Jazz Singer and its Influences on American Society Paige Thacker (JMS)
Junior Group Website
Norman Borlaug: Seed by Seed Shreyas Shrestha, Kathir Kalyanaraman,
Andrew Bogue (SMS)
Senior Group Website
Mister Rogers: More Than Our Most Beloved Neighbor Julia Chen, Vivian Chen, Joanne Wu (JHS)
Senior Individual Website
Turning the Nation’s Tables: The Grape Strike and Boycott for Farmworker Justice Anita Dinakar (JMS)
Virginia Hall: How the “Limping Lady” Became One of World War II’s Most Heroic Spies Emma Dummermuth (JHS)
Senior Group Performance
Joan Clarke: Breaking the Unbreakable Kayla Jensen, Dylan Coslin (JHS)