Location Change for Sterling Point Meals

Please Note this Change

Effective Monday, May 18th, Sterling Point grab-n-go meal location will move to Johnston High School, 6500 NW 100th Street, north parking lot bus drop. 

Pick-up grab-n-go meal bundles are available from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Drive-up participants will access the north lot from 100th street north roundabout on northeast corner of site location; traffic will be directed from there.  Remain in the vehicle, pop the trunk and a volunteer will place a bundle of five lunch meals plus five breakfast meals for each child (ages 1-18) in the vehicle.

Each Monday, (Tuesday after Memorial Day Holiday) a five day supply of free Breakfast and Lunch meals per child will be offered until further notice.  Walk-up participants should bring a backpack for ease of carrying the meals home.

This approach will help promote social distancing and help with traffic flow which can help keep our community safe.

JHS North parking lot