CIML 2020 Fall Sports Guidelines

(Posted Aug. 18. 2020, updated Aug. 25)

The Central Iowa Metropolitan League, based upon guidance received from Governor’s Office of the State of Iowa, the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, and the Iowa High School Athletic Association, has released its procedures for spectator admission to the CIML member school fall sports seasons.
These procedures in each respective sport were developed by the 18-member schools to help ensure that participants, staff, and spectators can safely enjoy sports in a manner that promotes social distancing.

Individual schools are responsible for communicating their seating availability and social distancing plan for each venue at home events. At all venues, individual family household units (2 people) are encouraged to sit together to help with overall capacity.
Individual schools may require additional measures be taken and those will be posted and communicated in advance. Spectators attending these events are required to wear a protective face covering unless underlying health issues make it unsafe for the individual.

Spectator Guidelines

  • CIML SAT’s (student activity tickets) will not be honored on the road this year for students in 9-12th Grade.
  • All spectators are required to wear a protective face covering for admission and throughout the duration of the contest.
  • Visiting spectators will be limited to a minimum of 160 tickets. The CIML has varying sizes of bleachers on the visitors side of the field.
  • The host school will determine the number of spectators for bleacher capacity on the home side depending on their venue. The CIML has varying sizes of bleachers for spectators and fan limitations to ensure social distance. No visiting cheerleaders will be allowed on the sideline. Marching band performances or pre-game performances are left up to the host school.


  • Home Games:  Football players, cheerleaders, dance team, marching band members, and coaches/directors will be provided 2 tickets which allow you to pay admission into the event. There will be no pre-sale of tickets and coaches/directors will distribute tickets the week of the event. This applies for any home football game at any level. Admission will be at the main south gate only.
  • Away Games:  Players and coaches will be provided at least 2 tickets to attend away events. Visitor capacity at away stadiums in the CIML this season will range from 160-200. Tickets will be distributed the week of the event to players.

Volleyball – all levels (Varsity, JV, Sophomore, Freshman)

  • All spectators are required to wear a protective face covering for admission and throughout the duration of the contest.
  • Roster limits (players and coaches):
    • Varsity – 18
    • JV – 14
    • Sophomore – 14
    • Freshman A – 14
    • Freshman B -14
  • Home Games:  Players and coaches will be provided with 2 tickets to attend all home matches for all levels. Coaches will distribute tickets the week of the match.  The ticket allows you to pay for admission into the event. Admission will be taken inside of Door #2 at Johnston High School.
  • Away Games:  If the teams are playing at a CIML school, passes will be given to the coaches the week of the match to distribute. Visitor capacity may vary as will school specific guidelines. Coaches and/or the athletic department will send out the host school’s protocols prior to the event.
  • New start times and time limits were established for each level:
    4:45 p.m.: 9th Grade A and 9th Grade B; 45-minute time limit
    6 p.m.: Sophomore and JV; 45-minute time limit
    7:30 p.m.: Varsity; no time limit
  • It is a recommendation for teams and spectators to leave the gym area at the end of each match, if possible. Transportation may be a factor. If so, teams are encouraged to sit together in one area keeping social distancing.

Girls’ Swimming – all levels (Varsity, JV, diving competitions)

  • Home Meets:  Only Johnston swimmers’ parents will be allowed to attend home meets at Summit Middle School. Spectators will be sent guidance from the coaching staff prior to home meets.
  • Away Meets:  Per CIML guidelines, no visitor spectators are allowed at CIML pools for meets due to the lower capacity pools throughout the league.
  • All spectators are required to wear a protective ace covering for admission and throughout the duration of the event.

G/B Cross Country and Boys Golf all levels (Varsity, JV)

  • Home Meets:  Only families are allowed to attend the meets and are asked to wear a mask, social distance from the athletes and other fans, and adhere to course COVID guidelines when in attendance.
  • Away Meets:  If parents or families are attending away meets, guidance will be provided by a Johnston coach and/or the athletic department regarding specific course guidelines in other communities.

SAT (Student Activity Ticket)

At this time, per CIML guidelines, all sales of SAT’s are suspended. Johnston students who purchased a SAT will be refunded.


The Johnston Livestream Network will be livestreaming varsity events when available.  The Activities Department and coaches will provide livestream availability once it is determined. The link for all livestreamed events is


JHS will have Homecoming the week of September 18. The JHS Student Council is working with the high school staff and administration to develop a safe and fun week for the students. Plans wills be released at a later date.


Home events will only have drinks available at concession stands. Snacks are allowed into district facilities. Availability of concessions at away events will be communicated with families prior to event.

Secondary Households

Secondary Households – if assistance is needed for additional tickets for home events, please contact the Johnston Activities Office at 515-278-2407.

The CIML will continue to monitor, update, and communicate our information and procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible.