A [Black History] Lesson A Day

Pille teaching from 28 Days Book

Beaver Creek fourth grade teacher Miranda Pille spotlights Matthew Henson, the first person – and African-American – to reach the North Pole.

Based on the book “28 Days: Moments in Black History that Changed the World,” by Charles R. Smith Jr., fourth graders at Beaver Creek Elementary are learning about one different influential figure in African-American history each day throughout the month of February.

Teacher Miranda Pille first discovered the book when she was looking for a way to introduce fourth graders to a variety of significant Black people who have shaped American history. Their biographical background, achievements, and legacies are explained in an age-appropriate way, perfect for the minds of 10- and 11-year-olds. Students then watch a short video on the person of the day for additional information.

And where does it go? Into their Black History Month journals, naturally. It helps students capture essential information on each African-American figure and gives them something to review as the days pass. Additionally, Pille and the other fourth grade teachers have showcased a variety of books and literacy materials on influential African-Americans, Black historical movements, and cultural learning within their classrooms.