Elementary Art Lessons Reflect Influential African-American Artists

Schools and classrooms have been learning more about Black History Month throughout February. And because the material, accomplishments, and figures are abundant, the learning can come to students in a variety of ways, through a myriad of curriculum.

In elementary art classes, students in each grade have been studying influential African-American artists, their work, and then creating their own work as an extension of the lesson. Kindergarten and first graders explorse the works of Faith Ringold; second graders learned about Andrea Pippin and Dr. Willard Wigan, MBE; third graders explored Nina Chanel Abney; fourth graders became familiar with Laolu Senubajo and Lyssa Wade; fifth graders learned about Tyree Guton.

As an extra-timely lesson, Dr. Willard Wigan created micro-sculptures, many depicting battles between healthcare workers and COVID, all positioned on the end of a hypodermic needle. With each micro-sculpture he sells, Wigan’s donates proceeds to COVID research. Second graders then extended this to drawing their own pictures of kindness acts they have done recently. Students drew laundry, snow removal, pet chores, and much more to demonstrate the considerate things they did for others.