JMS Nominated as a Capturing Kids’ Heart Showcase School

JMS CultureAll

JMS teacher Brandon Kleve (seated, far right) discusses a traditional Indian board game with students during a CultureAll event in February 2020.

Johnston Middle School has once again been nominated for a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools award for the 2020-21 school year by the Flippen Group. In 2016, school administrators began an initiative to transform the campus into an emotionally safe and relationally-connected place for students, staff, and parents to come together with a love for learning.

Through the National Showcase Schools™ awards, Capturing Kids’ Hearts® recognizes and celebrates schools that go the extra mile each day, creating the social-emotional safety on school campuses that is conducive to learning. Last year, there were five Iowa schools using the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program; all five have been named as National Showcase Schools at some point.

This year, 339 of U.S. school campuses have been selected as 2020-2021 Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School® Nominees. Teachers and staff have continued to learn the processes needed to connect students with their peers and adults on campus and to create classrooms where students are excited to learn every day. As a result of implementing Capturing Kids’ Hearts, the school has experienced growth in the number of relationships built between students and staff since implementation

Capturing Kids’ Hearts® is the premier source of professional development for educators nationwide. Through experiential training, expert coaching, and personalized support, Capturing Kids’ Hearts® equips professionals in K-12 education to implement transformational processes focused on social-emotional well-being, relationship-driven culture, and student connectedness. Capturing Kids’ Hearts® processes provide educators the skills they need to change the trajectory of students’ lives.

Because of the rigor of the evaluation process, the Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools® award is both a high aspiration and an exemplary recognition of excellence. Capturing Kids’ Hearts® is proud to recognize the outstanding educators who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of our children. Please join in and celebrate the remarkable work they have accomplished.