Johnston Ac-Dec Team Named State Runners-Up

Johnston’s Academic Decathlon team won 12 individual medals and placed second overall at the State Tournament, held virtually on March 5-6.  This performance earned them a berth at the National Academic Decathlon Competition, which will take place on April 30.  Students completed objective tests in art history, music history , economics, math, science, social science and literature, wrote an essay, gave a speech and completed an interview to become state runners-up. Team members and individual honors are listed below. Congratulations!


  • Adam Ehlert (12)-2nd Economics, 2nd Math
  • Morgan Dunn (12)-2nd Economics, 3rd interview, 2nd Math, 1st speech
  • Elise Henrichsen (11) – 2nd Essay


  • Will Anderson (11)
  • Fanuel Akakpo (11)


  • Megan O’Brien (12)-2nd Essay, 2nd Science
  • Payton Blahut  (12)-3rd Interview, 3rd Music, 3rd Science


  • Anna Larson (11) -First Overall Alternate.  1st in Literature, 1st in Music, 1st in Science, 1st in Art, 1st in Math, 1st in Econ, 1st in Social Science, 2nd in Essay
  • Kristin To (11) – 2nd in Literature, , 2nd in MAth, 2nd in Econ, 2nd in Social Science, 3rd in Art